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who is Pepita?

Pepita is the fictional alter-ego of veteran performer, Elana Fishbein. In her improvised one-person show, Pepita shares "true" stories from her life. The show's unique form deconstructs the very notion of autobiography, breaking the forth wall, interweaving storytelling and scenes with Pepita playing each of the characters along the way. Her cosmic like-ability and zest for life will inspire you to reach new heights. Also, she has an accent. 


Months after our festival people are still talking about her characters, who were so pulsing and visceral and full of life. We want to friend Pepita on Facebook and invite her to our slumber parties and backyard BBQ’s.
— Amber Dernbach (Founder, Eau Claire Improv Festival)
Pepita never feels like one improviser on the stage. Elana Fishbein seamlessly creates characters, places and fantasies that leave you surprised, delighted and wishing you could take Pepita home with you.
— Megan Gray (Artistic Director, Magnet Theater)
One of the most captivating improv shows I have ever seen. I am delighted, charmed, and tickled pink every time. I wish Pepita really existed so we could have a drink after her show! Fortunately Elana Fishbein really exists and is as equally, if not more lovely.
— Ruby Marez
Hands down the best solo improv show I’ve ever seen. Pepita is genius!
— Louis Kornfeld (Magnet Theater)